Saturday, 19 March 2011

In the Poison’d Entrails Throw

Welcome to the Cauldrons blog.  Debbie and I love writing and have often wanted to have a place to publish our own works.

Your first question may very well be about the name of the blog and the name of the first post.  If you haven't Googled the quotes yet, they are the opening lines of the Three Witches Spell in Macbeth.

We had been throwing around ideas for a blog title for a long time and  we hadn't been able come up with one.  I was putting random urls into the availability checker and roundthecauldron was free.  That's when I realised it sounded awfully familiar and the blog title was born.  I thought it fitting as we're both witches (plus I have this intense love of all things Shakespeare). 

There's no telling what we'll write about here.  You're likely to find updates about the business as well as other things that may happen in our lives.  Some posts will be pagan based, and others won't.   It all depends on what is happening on any given day and how the muse descends.  

Personally I've recently moved to Sydney from Christchurch, New Zealand (after spending a little time in Tonga) so it may also chronicle my endeavours to assimilate into Australian life, where the best pagan shops can be found, what it's like being so far away from my best friend in New Zealand.  Debbie may add something about what she's looking to contribute.

So for now, sit back, relax, and we'll see if we can make this ride fun filled and interesting :)

Oh, if you were interested, follow the link below to see the whole spell by the bard. 
Three Witch's Spell


  1. Will certainly watch this space to see what you guys are up to. Love the name, my eldest daughter loves Shakespeare to Luana.
    Looking forward to seeing the Calendar, to see which photos were used.
    Not much happening down our way, living quietly and waiting for the quakes in Christchurch to subside so we can re-commence the monthly coffee meetings.

  2. Debbie may have found a place for the coffee meets to be held in for the time being. When we've sorted it we'll let people know. :)