Thursday, 5 May 2011

Calendar Entry #2: Day of the Children of Nut

We continue our journey through the Cauldrons Calendar feast/festival/holidays.

AKA - Day of the Living Children of Nut.

There are several myths surrounding the birth of Nut's children.  One starts with a prophesy.  Ra was told that although he was powerful, there would be another ruler of Egypt after him, a son of Nut.  Fearing that her children would try to usurp his throne Ra cursed Nut so that she couldn't give birth during any of the 360 days or nights of the year.  Heartbroken Nut went to Thoth for help.
Being the God of Wisdom, Thoth won some light from the Moon, and used it to make five new days (which obviously gives us our 365 days in the year).  It was during these five days that Nut gave birth to her five children.  Osiris on the first day, Horus on the second, Set on the third, Isis on the fourth and Nephthys on the fifth.  These days became a time of celebration all over Egypt.

Nut has been depicted as a woman with a water pot above her head with the hieroglyph for sky, or we may see her starry body bending over Geb the Earth deity, held up by Shu.

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