Monday, 12 March 2012

I am a Witch

Now there's a loaded word.


Everyone has a different definition for it, and all are convinced that theirs is the only correct one and often take great offense at the other definitions.


As the blog name shows, we love the Witches out of MacBeth. I also love Bad Jelly the Wickedest Witch in all the world. Stinkypoo stinkypoo knickers knickers knickers. I don't find offense in the ugly hags of Halloween, or the evil witch queens of fairy tales or the Isobel Gowdies of history.

Calling them witches and what they do witchcraft is older than the modern "white witch". This is a more traditional form of the word.

Where I do find myself becoming offended is at the modern "white witches" of our world. The people who go looking for something to be upset about, firing off emails filled with righteous indignation to Meriam Webster for the dictionary definition of Witch or to protest the negative imagery of Halloween, or to constantly bitch about how "those Christians stole our holidays."

I stopped calling myself a witch for a long time. I didn't want to be pigeonholed into someone else's negative assumptions, I didn't want to be thought of as the wrong kind of witch. Now don't get me wrong, it was nothing to do with being associated with Devil Worship, Satanism (something totally different) or the hags of literature. In all honesty, I would prefer that to being associated with what seems to be the modern witch.

I was going to list the easy signs for successful identification of such characters, but it was sidetracking this post and starting to piss me off, so I'll leave that for another post :)

I have also found myself deeply offended by some of the information that is readily available for the seeker, or beginner or the curious. I started to write on a website that had a lot of the 101 information, but so badly fluffed out or filled with other peoples ideas as hard and fast rules that I frequently threw up a little in my mouth. It was awful, so I started setting a few things straight. Because of the guidelines for articles on this site, my writing was polite, verified by other sources and simplistic, but I was still getting my message across.

I found my work on other people's blogs. That's kind of flattering. They like it enough to repost it. Unfortunately, that is copyright theft, my contract doesn't allow me to have my work published elsewhere for a specific time period even if I had been contacted and asked for permission and I'm the one who suffers for it, but most were happy to shorten it and post a link to the full article. When I find one of my articles on another blog, credited to the blog owner and by her clixsense stats at the bottom of the page, she's made a lot of money from it (hundreds of US Dollars), there's a whole new level of offense to take. And worse, having read some of what she actually has written, her spelling, grammar and her whole grasp of the english language is so terrible that I'm completely gobsmacked that anyone can mistake my work for hers!

Silly woman, you call yourself a witch, and claim all this knowledge and experience. I call this a lie. If you had even half the knowledge and experience you claim, foolish harpy, you would know that I'm not going to take theft like that lying down. Even if you are of the fantasy-filled fluffier variety, all white light and sparkly moonbeams, you would be "knowing" that Karma (even if you really mean dharma) will be kicking your arse so hard you won't sit down for years.

I'm not of the fluffy variety, I'm not going to sit back and wait for the Universe to "teach you a lesson." I work with a Goddess who had the job of punishing those who transgressed - think you know your stuff - figure out who She is. Sod the Universal Cosmic Laws of what goes around comes around, think of me as your agent of dharma (cos Karma is about the next life you uneducated twat).

I am a Witch. I work with Magic, Gods and spirits. I take responsibility for my actions. You push me and I will push you back. My path is my own, my work is the result of my life experience, how dare you try to claim mine as yours.

Watch your back honey, you've pissed off a Witch.

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