Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Cauldrons 2012 Calendar

As has been mentioned repeatedly on other blog posts and on our facebook page, we've both had a drama filled year so far.  Something had to be put aside for a while and unfortunately it was the calendar.

So, not to let anyone miss out on anything, we moved it to start just after Yule.  July 1st 2012 and running to June 30th 2013.  (Because starting it with a week left in a month was just silly).

We think this one is our best yet, although I'm fairly sure we say that every year :)

The very talented Naniskakonindjin AKA Stacey Austin has kindly honoured us with her beautiful artwork and I personally believe that this is what has made this calendar seem like our most polished yet.

Most years, we've ended up with a huge debt and a stack of unsold calendars so last year I decided to only print what I had pre-orders for (plus maybe 10 extra).  That was hugely successful and I did it again this year.  So, there are only a very few left (less than 10) although they may still be available from Cauldron Craft in Devonport, Energy Central in Taupo, Paint Tech in Hamilton (where our wonderful artist may be found), Vesta's Circle in Napier or Candles & Things in Huntly.

We hope that you like it as much as we do!

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