Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Spiritual Food

Once upon a time, there were various people around the world who each ate different things.  Some thought that their chosen food was the right thing to be eating and all should eat the same as they did, others didn’t mind, as long as they got to eat what they wanted.
There were those who ate Potatoes, those who ate Cake, those who ate Pizza and so on.
Some of the people who ate Pizza were taken from their homes and forced to eat Cake.  They found that they could play with the way Cake was made and add Pizza elements to it.  After a while, they created Savoury Muffins, which combined both Cake and Pizza but wasn’t really either.
Another group of Cake eaters remembered a time when they ate Bread and went back to Bread.  There were many varieties of Bread, with a lot of different flavours and components.  One group liked to have a hard crust on their Bread, others liked Brown Bread with seeds and nuts in it. Some liked Cake and Bread but were told they couldn’t have both so they created Scones.  Others discovered they liked Potatoes with their Bread and created Potato Bread.  Yet another group found Pizza, they found it too much to have on it’s own, but the toppings worked for them on Bread, so they created Pizza Bread.
Many of these groups didn’t understand how the others could possibly like what they did.  “It must be either Bread or Cake” they said, “It doesn’t work to combine the two.” 
“You’re not eating your Potatoes the right way,” they said, “You have to eat them our way or not at all.” 
And when it came to Pizza Bread, “Your tomatoes, onions and garlic aren’t real tomatoes, onions or garlic,” they said, “You have to learn the secrets of making and eating Savoury Muffins before you can truly know if you really have tomatoes or peppers pretending to be tomatoes.”
On the whole, each group was getting all the nutrition they needed, they grew and were healthy.  But some diets caused their eaters to grow outwards instead of upwards and the eaters became bloated and sick.  Some found that their foods made them ill and they had to go and find a different food in order to become well and healthy again.  Sometimes what a person needed was a combination of foods because they lacked something that was only eaten by another group.
The problems came when most groups became jealous of their food.  They didn’t like it when someone used something they thought of as theirs to create another type of food.  It was as though by eating it differently it threatened their own food choices or made them invalid.
Wars raged about who had the right to eat each food.  They argued and battled about who had risen in the ranks of making food to be able to say how it was done correctly and just what was the correct way to cook up your ingredients and make the perfect food.
There was enough of each ingredient to go around.  No group was ever at risk of running out of ingredients to make their food and be able to eat it. If there had been a chance of not enough tomatoes being available to make either Pizza, Pizza Bread or Savoury Muffins then perhaps the wars, the nastiness and bad feelings between these people could have been understandable.  But there was never that risk.  There were always plenty of tomatoes to go around and satisfy everyone.
Many wise people tried to understand why these wars went on.  Most of them failed.  Many tried to mediate between the groups, pointing out the similarities instead of the differences.  Not enough people cared and they also failed.

It is my hope that one day, we can all eat whatever we want without being told that we can’t have this with that, or we’re holding our forks the wrong way.


  1. You can imagine my amusement at such an article being posted by someone who is gluten intolerant...

  2. It sets me to thinking how much you have said about so many things...literally & metaphorically...with a simple yet beautifully perfect story. Thank you. It is my hope that everyone could read all the words of your post and the infinite words in between them.