Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Cauldrons Is On The Move!

As many of you know, Luana is now living in Sydney. I keep making jokes about her opening the Australia branch of Cauldrons, but I don't think she finds it funny. Or rather she finds it very funny and then changes the subject :)

What some of you may know, is that I'm on the move too now. My family and I are moving to North Canterbury where the ground doesn't shake with every passing car and we won't get woken up during the night by 2.8 magnitude aftershocks.

We're moving to a 14 acre lifestyle block where we can follow a dream of being mostly self-sufficient. I may blog about our successes and failures if anyone is interested. The added bonus is that I will be able to grow more of the herbs that Cauldrons offers, and continue to keep the prices reasonable. Many don't realise just how much of our herbs range is grown by me, but now, that should increase.

What The Move Means for Cauldrons

This move means that pickups and the shop will not be quite so easy. Pickups will still be welcome for those who wish to make the trip to Amberley, but I don't know if or when we'll get a shop sorted. Otherwise, everything should remain just as normal. Luana will still look after most of the internet based stuff, and I'll still be able to pack up and post or courier orders out.

There is going to be a period of about 2-3 weeks when Cauldrons will be closed. From May 21st to approximately 7th June I'm not sure if I'll have internet access, so any orders placed during this time will not be processed until after this date. I will make the date clear when I have more information myself. This will be made clear on the website, and there will be no refunds for those who still order in this period unless we are out of stock on an item. When the February Earthquake struck, I had several orders sitting on the deck waiting for courier pick up. Most were happy to wait until I got electricity (and therefore computer and email access) up and running again, but there were a few who demanded a refund, and even one who then went on to post negative feedback on Trade Me. (I guess there's always got to be one!) I don't want a repeat of this, so I want to make this clear before it happens.

I will still try to make it to the Expos and will try to keep the Coffee Meets running. I will be at the Holistic Expo on May 21st with both the stall and doing readings. Burwood Scout Hall on Travis Road in Burwood, and the $2 entry fee will be going towards the Rise Up Christchurch Telethon on the 22nd of May. We will also be carrying fundraising T-shirts that say "E tu, Kia Kaha Christchurch" printed by Blox Apparel, with proceeds going to the Earthquake fund. Come along and say hello!

Open Sabbat Celebrations

Every so often I like to hold an open Sabbat, this will most likely continue. I'm planning a great Winter Solstice for those who wish to come along. I still need to go and find out about getting a permit for a bonfire. It will mean though, that it's probably a better idea for those who come along to stay the night, and we'll make room for this. Those who are interested in joining us can email me on for more information.

Cauldrons PaganFest

This will still go ahead as planned. I'm having a few minor issues with the venue, but hope to have them all ironed out soon and we'll start promoting it in the near future.


  1. Love the moving truck hon :D

  2. Thanks, I had a lot of fun making it :)

  3. Looking forward to when you have settl!ed into your new home and are back to sell your products. I will be a new customer from Blenheim!