Thursday, 12 December 2013

Announcing The Common Sense Spell Book

My book has been published and is available from a number of places.  Shortly, it will be available from Cauldrons - when I get in the copies I had to buy that is - and I will even autograph them if that's what people want :)

It's been an interesting process.  Actually writing the book didn't take very long.  I was inspired and it all flowed from there.  Then I spent several months re-reading, editing, adding snark and removing it again, adding fluff and removing it again, getting excited, getting arrogant, getting depressed and doing my own head in.

Then I sent it to Luana for proof-reading.  It took a while.  I know she was busy and was doing it as a favour but that just about drove me crazy.  I would frequently be thinking that it must have been such total rubbish that she was having to totally rewrite it and was maybe procrastinating because it was so awful or she was dreading telling me how bad it was.  Yes, I am my own worst enemy.

The edits really weren't that bad.  There was some rearranging to do and that was fine, I hadn't really given a lot of thought to the structure.  Some of it was Luana still getting my message across but in a far less brutal way than I'd said it.  Let's face it, I'm generally pretty blunt when I write.  There were also a few things that I'd worded quite vaguely and badly and they needed to be clearer.

But now it's out there and I'm equal parts excited and terrified.  I haven't yet had my first review (although part of the marketing package I've paid for includes several reviews from critics of my choice).  I now have my author's copy and it's strange seeing it all together in actual print.  I'm excited because it's out there.  I'm terrified because it's out there and part of me just wants everyone to love it.  I know that's unrealistic.  I know that I'll ruffle more than a few feathers with my treatment of ethics and witchcraft and that's one of the reasons I thought this book was needed.

It's available from Amazon and Book Depository and the Xlibris website.  I've found it on a few others too, but for me the other most note worthy was on Scribd where it has a preview and is the only place I've found it available as an ebook so far.

I'm open to any reviews.  If it's terrible, tell me and tell me why.  If you like some of it but hate other parts, tell me and tell me why you didn't like those bits.  If you love it, tell me that too.




  1. Congratulations Debbie! I just found the preview on my Scribd account, and I look forward to reading it!
    (The remainder of my comment has mostly to do with Scribd, and it is just an extra observation that may or may not warrant your interest. I actually happen to pay the $9/month subscription fee for what I had assumed grants me full access to the Scribd Library. However, maybe it doesn't, as I was a bit surprised to find that "The Common Sense Spell Book" access to the full version download requires a small additional fee. I would totally expect this with the free Scribd account, but this is the first I have come across the need for additional fees with my paid Scribd subscription. Now, please don't get me wrong. I don't mean to imply that I would not be willing to pay this extremely reasonable additional bit for your book. You are surely entitled to compensation for all the hard work and the heart and soul I know you put into your book. If I am mistaken on this, my apologies for making it an issue. I just thought I would mention it, as it might be an-oversight-on-the-part-of or a-glitch-in-the-system-of Scribd; and if that is indeed the case, I feel you have the right to know about it.)

    1. As far as I'm aware, it's being sold as an ebook on Scribd, not just a part of the Scribd library - that may be why? I don't use Scribd so I don't know for certain and I have no idea how that works normally.

      This has all been done through my publisher, so I have no idea of the hows or whys of it.

      Please let me know how you find it. :) I think that's been the worst part so far, waiting to hear how it's being received.

  2. I just finished reading the preview! I think it's great! Definitely very intriguing. Being at a point in my life now where I feel I have only begun to scratch at the surface of the untapped power of the Spirit realm...
    Everything I've read in 'The Common Sense Spell Book" has confirmed so much of what I've already "felt" and "known," but was never told. I especially appreciate your down-to-earth approach in sharing your knowledge. In reading other meta-physical "handbooks" I've often found myself second second guessing my own connectedness to the Divine (or lack thereof); not for one second did feel intimidated or less-than while reading your experiences and conclusions! It just felt like listening an old friend—offering some refreshing new ideas—in an ageless conversation.

    1. OMG thank you!

      That is what I was aiming for and it's awesome to hear I hit the mark. :)