Monday, 3 February 2014

Cauldrons 2014 PaganFest

Another PaganFest has come and gone and a good time was had by all.

Our few minor venue issues were sorted, Luana made it after all (with a little help) and everything went smoothly.

Big thanks to everyone who came along - especially our rather large North Island contingent.

Big thanks to Houngan Liam, Houngan Alistair and all the rest of the crew from Kiwi Mojo.  We really appreciated the time, effort and money you put into just getting there.  The ritual was phenomenal and it was nice to genuinely meet the Lwa who put in an appearance - as well as being something I will never forget.

Big thanks to Gavin the Druid for the lovely opening ceremony and Sunday night ritual.  And for being part of our 'tribe', all the way down here, a long way from where he actually lives.

Many big thanks to Dobby, and Mr Dobby and little Miss Dobby.  Just for being them.

It was our first drama free PaganFest.  No big egos stomping on others and no drama queens causing situations.  It was quite refreshing and something that I'm hoping will continue in future events.

That said, it is already getting back to me that there were issues.  I haven't found the source of these rumours and trouble-making yet, but let me assure you, they're simply the products of someone's imagination and need for drama.

Here's to another one next year!



PS.  Normally, when we ask for donations for a charity, there are small bits and bobs.  The donations that came in for the animals have left us humbled.  Big bags of expensive cat and dog biscuits.  Large boxes of kitten food.  Even from those who were day visitors.  A huge thank you to all who contributed.

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