Friday, 5 December 2014

Intent is All You Need

I keep seeing this said in comments on spell requests. 

Intent is everything or If you have pure intent then that's the best you can do.

I find myself wondering if the people who say this have ever really performed successful  magick.  Because quite simply, this isn't true.  This is very similar to Wishcraft or Begcraft as some friends like to refer to it.  Using prayer instead of spells and not understanding the difference.

So what is the difference you may ask?

Prayer is asking for something else, Gods, Spirits or some Higher Power to do it for you.  What is missed is that it is at Their discretion.

Spellcrafting is taking matters into your own hands and doing it yourself.  This may or may not include the guidance or assistance of a Higher Power, but it is not relying purely on Them to bring about the change you are asking for.

I often get a picture in my head when someone talks about how much they've prayed for something or over something.  It's a picture of their Gods looking down on them and saying "Again?! I've given you the tools, grow up and deal with this stuff yourself!"

How does Intent fit into this?

Intent is the purpose for a spell.  It is what you mean to achieve and the change you are creating.  It goes deeper than "meaning well" or "thinking positive" or "trying to help".  It is all your true motivations, emotional need, whim and fancy that goes into the reason you are casting a spell.

If intent is all you need, then you should just sit back on your chuff and assume that your every wish will be provided for.   How do you think that will work for you?  Let me assure you it won't.

It may be your intent to get a job.  But until you actually do the work - like applying for some and putting your cv or resume out there - it's not going to happen.  No one goes out of their way to find a person they've never heard of to hire them with no knowledge of their experience, personality or work skills.  The people who get headhunted for jobs are the people who are already showing brilliance in their field or are well known to the employers.

Intent is what you mean to do.  This is a world away from actually doing it.

Everything takes work.  Intent is a great beginning, but that is all it is - a beginning.



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  1. Intent (aka manifest Will) is certainly a necessary component for anything good.

    But Intent on it's own...well we can do away will books and pretty tools then, don't need laws or money , or knowledge. .... perhaps they just working on the list backwards.

    I read an interesting blog about Left Hand Path vs Right Hand Path approach. I find "intent" to be an intriguing concept with relation to Right Hand Path magic/philosophy.