Tuesday, 27 October 2015


Just in case you missed my notification in the comment section of the last post here it is.

Comments are not going anywhere nice. I've decided that comments are now going to require confirmation from me before they will be published on this blog and if they offer no additional value to the article/argument other than serving to insult then they will not be confirmed. If you don't like it, tough titties... go read another blog.

I will not tolerate personal attacks of any sort.  If you want to bully people then piss off and grow up.

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  1. Just to add a little to this.

    I don't need comments to be nice. I really don't much care about that.

    However, I would prefer that they are relevant to the article posted and not flogging a dead horse relating to a confused conversation held elsewhere. If I say I see no point in continuing it, bringing it up here and then taking it up again elsewhere is purely harrassment and will be treated as such.