Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Please stop calling them ISIS

Small rant.

I love Isis... She's my patron Goddess and showed me the door to the pagan world so many years ago. (Yes I know the Isis vs Aset argument but this isn't about that). 

I'm currently writing a short story for submission to an anthology about dark gods and benevolent ones with dark sides so I'm writing a story featuring Isis' shadow side.  Without going into details I thought I'd do a quick google search for possible weapons She might use.  

In my naivety (and before engaging my brain) I googled 'weapons used by Isis'.  NEVER do this.  I'm sure I'm now on some FBI watch list.  Yes I can google weapons used by Goddess Isis but I am just ranting about my disapproval of the name of a Goddess being corrupted by this terrorist group.  

They have been referred to as a few different names including ISIS and ISIL.  Both of these attempt to legitimise their claims as they stand for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (an archaic term used to describe the lands around Syria which includes modern day Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine and Jordan).  They are a terrorist group not a state and aside from corrupting the use of a Goddess' name, calling them the Islamic State is what they want, so I'll not do it.

I know on a whole it's a small inconvenience for me to have to change how I google something or to be questioned if I worship Isis when asked.  (Yes one deluded individual actually argued with me about my support of a terrorist organisation).  But please, stop calling them ISIS.  Call them Daesh, call them monsters, call them bastards or arseholes or any number of other expletives but please don't call them by a name they want and stop besmirching the name of the Goddess Isis.

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  1. In our news here, they're always referred to as I.S or Islamic State. I always have to think about it when I hear someone refer to them as Isis.